Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1. of December

Ahhh... now Christmas is really 'round the corner. Through the years I had all kind of advent calenders for the children.

Last year I made some stockings and use them as advent calender.

You do not quite get this countdown feeling, but it's very easy to put something into the socks each evening...
easier than making 5x24 (=120!!!) small packages!

This year I try to incooperate more activities.
So yesterday evening I put a piece of paper in each sock with the massage:

"Today we are going to bake christmas cookies".

Scince we have no traditional fireplace, I hanged the stockings in our entry.
This is what you see, entering our front door.
(The low winter sun makes it really difficult to take pictures)

Just that usually you have to stumble over at least 10 pair of shoes... 


Unknown said...

Happy to have found you at cottage instincts. You had me at "white." The stockings caught my eye in her blog roll. Love everything I've seen so far!


" SHABBY JUNK" said...

love your pretty cottage.