Monday, September 24, 2012


I think fall might be my favourite season...

the crisp air, 

the jelly making 

and perhaps even the rain and the wind!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

entry and fall

I love rowan berries. They are quite common in our area. Nearly nobody is picking them, because many believe them to be poisonous. Which is not true. They are not good to eat uncooked but very good for making jam. I made rowan jelly some years ago and loved it.

Today I picked a bag full and I am going to make jam tomorrow. But I used some for a fall wreath in my newly renovated entry :).

When we moved in three years ago I just quickly painted over the dark yellow walls, but was never to happy with the bubbly wallpaper underneath.


So now in summer handy Mr Viking converted this IKEA wardrobe into a build-in, and made his wife extremly happy!

I re-wallpapered the walls and my handy husband added some paneling.

But than there are the stairs... I am in the process of painting all the wood panel in the staircase (nearly done!). And than we are going to rip the carpet and replace it with WHAT???

But first the rowan jam... ;)