Sunday, January 22, 2012


I started to paint our bedroom grey yesterday - love it so far... :)

But today it's Sunday and we had sun...

In the woods we went, meeting up with some other families from church...

My two oldest boys and I followed the trail a little further up and enjoyed the view
(and some mommy-time ;)

Some places the trail was pure ice...

Just enjoying the beauty of God's creation.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

farm house table

... and the last of christmas flowers.
(What is it with me that I can't throw away flowers before they really have died? ;)

The farmhouse table is our old IKEA Norden table with some planks on top.
I'm happy how it turned out, but not really sure with the color I used for the legs.

I just painted them once and I need to do one more coat... 
(see the plastic sheet is still under ;)

The color is a light grey, though a little darker than the bench, but the slight pink/purple hue is bothering me.

My inspiration pic was some shades darker... shall I get new paint?

I think I have to. Or will mixing it with some black paint do the trick?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year and christmas recap

Happy new year!

The older the children get the more I appreciate holidays and school breaks... so good to have everybody home, even Mr Viking was home every day between christmas and new year!

Add the beloved aunt R to the mix (who spent her christmas break from her bible school year in England here with us) and everybody's happy!

Christmas eve we set up a long table in the kitchen/dining room and enjoyed traditional pinnekjøtt for dinner.

The table cloth wasn't ironed - but cloth napkins give the feeling of some luxary ;).

Mismatched wine glasses, my grandmothers silver cuttlery and my husbands grandmothers china.
Some straps of Hadanger lace and some burlap and a little greenery.

And my husband made the best mashed rutabaga (yellow turnip) I ever tasted!