Thursday, February 24, 2011

convex mirror

I'm still alive. Did I have a blog?

Many years ago, while still living at our old house I bought a convex mirror. Because it was cheap. And because it was old. And because I can't pass by a good deal.

Than I never found a good spot for it. Finally it was hung on a nail in the attic and I forgot about it (yes, just like my map).

But than I read this blog post at Pure Style Home on convex mirrors and I suddently realized I had a forgotten treassure  in the attic.

I don't know how old it is. But it's definately before WW2.
It has some scratches on the glass, which I don't mind.
If I remember right I paid 30NOK, perhaps 50NOK (5 or 9USD) for it.

And I dream off getting some board and batten up on this wall :)
But most of all I wish this freezing cold wind to stop and spring to come!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cozy mornings

It has been cold the recent days and in the night we got again a little snow.
So after Dad has left for work and the big boys for school, we start our day by having it cozy ...

Afterwards out they went into the snow, but loosing the mittens is no fun... ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daily Bread

I have to admit I have a soft spot for soft pink. :)
So I fell for these bread boxes they have at Kremmerhuset.
(Which is one of my favourite home goods store here in Norway)

But I really don't need a bread box, because I keep our bread in a drawer - and I don't want more clutter on my counter tops.

But than I remembered my husbands old breadbox...
And with some coats of paint I got my soft pink breadbox.

But then, I didn't really need a breadbox, remember?

But I needed a place to keep our bibles/devotionals...

"Bread of life"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lamp re-vamp

I don't like clothes shopping. Shopping groceries - no fun. To motivate me to get the grocery shopping done I treat myself with a stop at my favourite goodwill/thrift store. THAT makes my heart beat faster.

This must be the most quirky find recently:

While being nearly so kitchy that it had been fun to keep the lamp foot as it was, I still decided to give it a little make over:

I gave it a good cleaning, filled it with fake apples and glued some burlap around the yellowed plastic base...

I like how it adds some fun to my living room. The shade I got at another goodwill. It looked like new!

And I like how I can chance what's inside the lamp.
Any ideas what I can stuff inside?

Mr Viking likes the lamp.
He thinks I should fill her with candy.
I think she won't be left alone with candy inside. ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011

pompons from tissue paper

Nå har silkepapir pompons kommt opp øver senget til prinsessa...
Er da noen som har lyst på slike så har eg masse silkepapir (av den mørkerosa) siden jeg kjøpte en stor pakke...

God Mandag!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Vintage Vine has awarded me with the Stylish blogger Award. Thanks!

The rules are to tell 7 things about yourself:
  1. I was born at home
  2. In my teens I dreamed of emigrating to New Zealand
  3. I have observed an obduction (while being a nurse student)
  4. I can't sing
  5. I have shaken hands with Princess Diana
  6. I've managed to lose two suitcases at Miami Airport (being 19 and travelling to Haiti on my own)
  7. I have eaten frog legs in a restaurant in France 

I pass the Stylish blogger award on to these seven beautiful blogs:

Check out these wonderful blogs!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Norwegian Winter

  • Several people have inquired how I cope with norwegian winter. It's a difficult question to answer. Because for us it's kind of just how it is. Dark in winter. Light in summer.

(scource this is polar light seen from Lofoten - much longer north from where I live)

But norwegians certainly have developed some strategies to cope with the darkness:
  • Decorate, prepare, celebrate and get totally crazy about christmas the whole month of December - and before you realize the darkest month has gone by.

(the King and his family in front of a huge gingerbread house inside the castle)

  • Put as many lamps of all sorts and sizes you can imagine into your livingroom.
  • Truly believe there is no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothes and 

  • truly believe the best playground for children is nature and they have to play outside everyday - even if it's dark.
( Did you know that three times 15minutes in a week of sunlight is enough for producing Vitamin D?)
  • invest 100 Kroner to get some fresh tulips from the Netherlands in January/February
(I actually have a lovly bunch of tulips on my diningboard but it's too dark to get a picture now :)
  • as soon as the first sunrays warm the air in spring digg out the bikini and get as much sun as possible

It's not very expensive to travel to Spain/Turkey or other places in southern Europe. So many travel there for a vacation during the winter month. Many retired norwegians actually live in Spain.

But I really do long for spring!
Do you have any tips on how to get through the dark winter month?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Plain English

There are some interior images that make me catch my breath.
This is one of those.

The color, the light, the texture, the craftmanship...

About Plain English:

  • Plain English is a traditional joinery company.
  • We use the techniques of 18th and 19th century cabinetmakers.
  • Skilled joiners make our cupboards by hand in our Suffolk workshop.
  • We don't like gadgets and plastic bits.
  • Most of our drawers run on candlewaxed wooden runners.
  • Our shelf pegs are hand turned for us by a small company that makes wooden nails.
  • Our baskets are hand-woven for us in Suffolk from willow grown along the banks of the River Box.
  • The local forge makes our iron shelf brackets and hanging pot rails.
  • The pull-out trays in our floor cupboards were copied from the slides in an 18th century linen press.

  •  Sounds pretty amazing... 
I don't want to know the prices!

Go here to check out Plain English kitchens.