Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I feel it's a long time I shared some pics of my livingroom, but it has been looking the same for many months now... (even the decor has been the same)... until some days ago. I suddently became restless :).

For me there's no cheaper or quicker way to give a room a new and fresh feeling but to move the furniture around a bit...

I love the intimicy of having the two sofas close together without a coffe table.
It works well for our family, but not so much for hosting bible study groups, etc... so I doubt I'll keep it very long.  But with the woodstove just on the other side it's very cozy as long as we lit a fire in the evenings (or all day, when it's really cold). 

This table is rarly used for eating, but very often for homework, playing games, drawing... I like to have an extra table in the livingroom.

The piano wall is still nearly the same.

As I type this I have my girl snuggling up to me, one of the boys is sitting across on the other sofa, reading... and three boys are outside. One just informed me there was a diaper to change...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Still winter or allready spring?

After our weekend in the snow I'm in the process of finding ski shoes for every member of our family. I found      one pair at our local goodwill. And there I saw some old wooden ski...

But I coudn't justfy to spent 100 NOK on something I did not really need. 
So I went home without buying them.
When I told one of my sons about it he informed me that we actually had two pair of old wooden ski on the garage loft. (they belong to my parents-in-law).

So for now it's still a little winter around here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Day 1

Day 2

What a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

quiet on my blog

I know. Life is busy. Life is good and sometimes hard. This blog is just a tiny aspect of my life...

On Friday we had a birthday celebration for our little girl.
Some primulas and using what I had around the house...

Writing the guests names directly on the paper plates...

Adding a bow to the chair of the birthday child....

and reusing the garland I made for babyboys birthday last year, added a little party mood to the dining room.

Later that day we had a family party for both her and boy nr2 who turns eleven in February.

This boy makes me laughing!