Tuesday, November 30, 2010

fur wreath

When I saw this fur wreath at The Nester I loved it.
"Where do I get a piece of white fur?" was my instant thought.

Than some days later I was at an outlet store hunting for some caps for my boys... how do they manage to miss them so quickly???
And in a basket they had some stuff like that...

just a little thinner and a little more fake...
and a little cheaper... for 10 NOK's (1.60 USD)!

Oh my fur wreath!

There it is:

Oh I love projects that are done with a minimun of time and money involved :).

Greetings from a still unusual cold, but sunny Norway!

The god thing is the battle in the morning to make the children wear good clothes is nearly over.
Caps? yes.
Mittens? yes.
Winter jackets? yes.

And yes, dear, the woolen underwear aswell.

By now they have realized it actually is worth the effort to dress well.
If the alternative is to freeze.

Monday, November 29, 2010

1. Sunday in Advent...

...is always special, because it marks the start of the countdown to Christmas.

The first candle is burning.
In Norway we have a song with a verse for each candle and what it represents.

Lightening the first candle we are to think of "the small child laying in a manger".

(evening sun 3:30pm)

For this years advents"wreath" I choose four large cups which I filled with a little sand and four candles.
I added metall signs where I painted the numbers on and a little greenery.
They are placed on a square rustic metall plate on our dining table.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

simple christmas

I love those subtle christmas decorations, like my cookie cutter nativity on my kitchen shelf.

or a simple heart on a door knob.

Ironing is very low on my priority list, but freshly ironed linens do add such a nice touch.

Happy weekend, everybody!

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Candle stick collection

Re-post from April 2010

I have this old chest of drawers with a huge mirror (full of patina) on top and yesterday I played a bit around with my camera. Voila!
Eg har ein gammal kommode med ein skjønn speil full av patina, så igår lekte eg lit med fotoapperatet:

 I have collected the candle sticks over many years and paid 50cent to 5euro for them...
Lysestakene har eg sammla iløp av mange år og betalt 5-40NOK per stykket...

Than I got a bit crazy with picasa...
Så blei det litt photoshopping...

countless possibilities...
masse muligheter...

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


While I gladly forgo American Halloween, I think Thanksgiving is a feast I'd like to celebrate!

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sunshine in the living room... and a missing curtain.

First I want to say *WELCOME* to all my new followers and *THANK YOU* to everyone leaving me such sweet and encouraging comments!

Merethe from Many Little Blessings had this genius idea to decorate each room as it gets cleaned.
(Why do not I think such obvious thoughts? - I thought I had to clean the WHOLE house before I could start to decorate...)

So today with sunlight beaming in my windows I gave them a good cleaning. (The sun is really standing low above the horizon now - and we have just a few hours of daylight here in the north.)

I added these small stars which gave the whole room instantly a little christmas touch.

And "my fair lady" (as I call her) got a scarf...
(BTW, she was golden when I discovered her in a thrift store, but I like her better grey ;)

And yes, there is a curtain panel missing... or two...

But I just had four large white damask table cloths - and as I never really used them I figured out it was better to have them as curtains.

Than we went to look at the sunset down at the shore.

(This was about 3pm)

I want to add a little more decorative lightning to my living room,
and some greenery. I totally love what Pretty and Posies did in her house:

But it's still some weeks to christmas... so I'll wait a little longer before I get the forrest in ;).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cleaning and a night out

We had a wonderful weekend. After visiting some friends I got so inspired with their beautifully decorated entrances. I had to do something with mine.

We had plans to paint our front door before fall, but got not around to do so...
Oh well, it won't stop me.
(But its high on my list for next spring)

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but next Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent.
I removed the little fall decor I had up...

and planted some hyacints.

But mostly my plans for this week are:

You guessed it. Cleaning.
Because it's so much more fun to decorate for Advent in a clean house.

But tonight I'll go out with my Mr. Viking
wearing my new polka dot dress....

Monday, November 22, 2010

flannel nightgown

Last week I sorted out some old bed covers. But my little girl wasn't happy with me turning this baby cover she had as a baby into cleaning rugs...

"Shall I make a nightgown for you?"

I have not done much clothes sewing the last years.
(mostly pillows, curtains,...)

But the wonderful thing with being a homemaker is...
you get an idea...
you go for it....
and your little girls has a new flannel night gown.

Is there anything like soft flannel washed a thousend times?

Or a little girl dancing with bare feet in a long ruffled nightgown?

Friday, November 19, 2010

sunburst mirror

I did it.
I knew I had this round mirror in my basement.
And some driftwood.
It was just to warm up the hot glue and to get going.

It turned out as I hoped.
I had plans for a picture wall on this spot.
But I'm not good with picture walls

.But than I thought I should give the white brick wall a try.

I had troubles to fill this wall between the woodstove and the door aswell.
Love it even better here.

Wait. This means I still have to get this picture wall above the dining table up....
Good it's still some time until christmas.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010


I have a friend who knows exactly what I like. For my birthday she gave me this adorable *GOD JUL* (Merry Christmas) stencil.

Which looks decorative as it is,
but easily transforms a simple burlap pillow.

I store flour and sugar in those old milk churns, btw.

Cozy breakfast on a thursday morning in November.

(no one realizes that there is some molding missing... !?!)

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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