Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sunshine in the living room... and a missing curtain.

First I want to say *WELCOME* to all my new followers and *THANK YOU* to everyone leaving me such sweet and encouraging comments!

Merethe from Many Little Blessings had this genius idea to decorate each room as it gets cleaned.
(Why do not I think such obvious thoughts? - I thought I had to clean the WHOLE house before I could start to decorate...)

So today with sunlight beaming in my windows I gave them a good cleaning. (The sun is really standing low above the horizon now - and we have just a few hours of daylight here in the north.)

I added these small stars which gave the whole room instantly a little christmas touch.

And "my fair lady" (as I call her) got a scarf...
(BTW, she was golden when I discovered her in a thrift store, but I like her better grey ;)

And yes, there is a curtain panel missing... or two...

But I just had four large white damask table cloths - and as I never really used them I figured out it was better to have them as curtains.

Than we went to look at the sunset down at the shore.

(This was about 3pm)

I want to add a little more decorative lightning to my living room,
and some greenery. I totally love what Pretty and Posies did in her house:

But it's still some weeks to christmas... so I'll wait a little longer before I get the forrest in ;).


Erin said...

Simply Gorgeous Margitta!

Anonymous said...

Your living room looks beautiful.


Andrea | said...

What a novel idea...clean a room, decorate a room!

I LOVE your home and your style! And it's especially amazing to me that we can connect half a world away through blogs!

Also curious how you can deal with the very short days? But I'd love it there in summer!