Monday, November 29, 2010

1. Sunday in Advent... always special, because it marks the start of the countdown to Christmas.

The first candle is burning.
In Norway we have a song with a verse for each candle and what it represents.

Lightening the first candle we are to think of "the small child laying in a manger".

(evening sun 3:30pm)

For this years advents"wreath" I choose four large cups which I filled with a little sand and four candles.
I added metall signs where I painted the numbers on and a little greenery.
They are placed on a square rustic metall plate on our dining table.


cindy said...

So beautiful, and meaningful. Thanks for sharing your tradition for advent :)

Linecas have said...

Du har en veldig koselig og inspirerende blogg.
Ha en fin kveld.


Lillian H said...

Så nydelig

Fjordheim said...

Det var en morsom vri på adventslysene. Veldig fint.
Ønsker deg ei riktig god adventsuke:)

Unknown said...

I love the look and the simplicity of your advent "wreath." Just beautiful.

eba said...

Så stilig adventsstake!!! Utrolig smart med de koppene, da!!

Simple Home said...

Simple and beautiful...I love it.