Sunday, August 29, 2010


My grandmother would call Sunday just for "the Lords Day".
Isn't it wonderful to have a day a week for quitness and rest?

A day to concentrate on what's really important.... 

the things eternal.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have shown pics of my hut on the deck a hundred times, so if you are tired of them do not read on!
I just have to document any changes. And that changes acure quite regurlar around here you have perhaps realized by now!
I moved the bench from my dining room into the hut (because I moved a sideboard fom the living room to the dining room...)

Love how we use this space now as soon as temperature allows...
I even see us sitting there in winter with warm jackets and plaids dinking warm cacao!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

new (redesigned) hutch

Linker  til NIB's Oktober utfordring.
Nesten alt interiøret mitt er "lopper", men eg valgte skapet fordi eg er så fornøyd med den :).


Har fått meg nytt skap i stova. Måtte med him siste tur te båsplassen (forretningen at og med båsplassen)...

Er eg helt sprø, å mala skapet turkis?
Familien min e ganske skeptisk...
E då flere i hele Norgesland som har et turkis skap i stova?

Painted this hutch last week....


Glemmer jo altid å ta "FØR" bilder, men skapet var brun...


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Utsira is a small island at the norwegian westcoast.
 There live ca 200 people there. It's a bit more than a one hour boat ride to the coast and the city Haugesund.

We spent a couple of days there.
It was so calm.

My parents had invited all their children with spouses and their grandchildren for a family reunion.
It has been four years since we all met.
28 people... between one and sixtynine years of age.

The house we hired was brandnew with modern furniture surrounded by beautiful nature.
It served our purpose very well.

Spending our time together, eating, hiking, swimming, singing... the days flew by.

the difficult task of taking a family picture...

I'm very grateful for my family!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


My picture (see below) was choosen as one of ten finalists at a challenge at 
The topic was "Summer interior".

If you like the picture and think I should win vote for me here!
Have I ever told you that I like competition? ... 
Perhaps growing up in a large family is the reason.
(Its always convinient to blame ones upbringing, isn't it?)

Friday, August 6, 2010

sommer interiør 2

Her er mitt andere bidrag til sommer interiør:


himalaga ripsbærsaft

sommer interiør

Here's my new handpainted (he,he...) rug in my livingroom.

I like the summer-beachy feel.
Not so sure I am still going to like it in December when snowstorms are roaring outside.

Er for tia lit hekta på "beach style".
Har derfor malt turkis-gråe striper på en sjøgrass teppe.
(har de akkurat billig sjo Skeidar)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

livingroom redo

My livingroom is slowly coming together. But some details are still missing before I can show pictures...
Today I bought a cheap seagrass rug. But because it looked a bit cheap and plain I painted stripes on it.

I mixed a bit of leftover aqua color with white paint and water...
I think it looks pretty cool.
Exactly the beachy feel I was looking for! :)

Tomorrow I will show how it looks like in my livingroom!
I considered to haul it inside, with the plastic sheet under... but as I get older I get more wise and patient... (hehe, just ask my husband!) I'll wait til tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

home made currant juice


Is there anything better a warm summerday than chilled home made currant juice?

The only problem is we hardly have had any warm summerdays so far....
but enjoying ourselves still :).

As soon there are some sunrays its wonderful outside.



And the hut and deck are MUCH more used after my makeover.






Happy summer to all my dear new and old readers!
I have been so busy recently that I have not been so active in blogglandia...
Ha! Actually I start looking forward to cozy autumn evenings!
Hasn't each season its own appeal?

There is a challenge at NIB (norwegian interior decoration site), to show a picture titeled
 "summer interior".
What picture should I choose?