Saturday, April 23, 2011


(On the "Feldberg", the highest peak of the black forrest)

O power of love, all else transcending
In Jesus present evermore,
I worship Thee, in homage bending
Thy name to honor and adore;
Yea, let my soul, in deep devotion,
Bathe in love's mighty boundless ocean.

Thou art my rest, no earthly treasure
Can satisfy my yearning heart,
And naught can give to me the pleasure
I find in Thee, my chosen part,
Thy love, so tender, so possessing,
I joy to me, and every blessing.

To Thee my heart and life be given,
Thou art in truth my highest good;
For me Thy sacred side was riven,
For me was shed Thy precious blood.
O Thou who art the world's salvation,
Be thine my love and adoration.

Gerhard Tersteegen 1697-1769

(at the graveyard down the road in Norway)

Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm back

First of all thanks for all prayers and well wishing. I got moved by your sweet comments. In periods I have trouble with joint pain, but with warmer weather I start to feel better :)
I'm back to blogging. But aswell back to the house I was born (home births were quite uncommen in the 70's!!!) and lived in my childhood. My parents live still here. A special place to me.

My parents bought this old (build in 1908) teacher's house ca 40 years ago.
It was in a desolate condition. Over the years they added, rebuild and formed the house into a wonderful place to live for their family of eight. In addition our grandparents did live upstairs.

It's located in the Rhine valley, at the feet of the black forest mountains.

It's still spring, but the vetegable garden is prepared and we have already enjoyed some early lettuce.

So fun to have a grandma who has hens.
It's good to be back. 
It's wonderful to enjoy spring.