Friday, May 27, 2011

bedheads, a bedside table and vintage shell prints

Why is mom's and dad's bed such a favourite place for kids?


Can you believe we've been married for nearly 13years, but never had real bedside tables?
Well I came over this beauty at salvation army some weeks ago.

Cute, but unfortunately just one of a kind...
Do you know where the other one might be? ;)

The shell prints I printed out from vintage printable.

These prints I layered on top of some burlap.

(the rope in not some kind of nautical decoration, but incace of emergency to climb out of the window - in sleepless nights I lay awake pondering wether I actually would manage to climb down a swinging rope from the second level....)

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pillow talk

Last year I found four pillos for 100NOK in the sale section of a home goods store.
Two with toile, and to aqua blue ones.

(As previously shown in this pic.)

But I never told you that I always just showed you the backside of the aqua ones. :)
Because the print on the front was not really my cup of tea.

While not totally bad, it somehow did not work for me.
I bought the pillows anyway, because

  1.  they were cheap
  2. I knew I could do something with them
  3.  they had some really cute pompoms attached

With a floral print they make some summerly touches for my living room.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Spring has come even here in Norway, but the cold wind still keeps us from sitting outside... but to get into the mood some yard pics from last year:

Waiting impatiently for warmer weather... :)

17th of May

Celebrating living in a free country.
Celebrating constitution day.

A hard earned thrird prize ;)

Somehow we managed to NOT take any good pictures this year.
So I have to include one of the last years childrens parade ;)

Hipp, hipp hurra for Norway!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I made a lampshade from my japanese  Echino fabric.
This old lampshade was  a boring beige and I didn't like it.
I removed the old fabric and measured the new.

Than I sewed along the needles and pulled the fabric over the shade.

Hotgluded the edges. Done. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

my man

The best of all husbands, my own Mr.Viking celebrated his birthday this week. We shared an early quiet breakfeast... I'm so thankful to have this man. When I first mentioned him in my dairy nearly 17 years ago, I wrote: "This guy know what he believes in..."

That's why I feel so secure with him. He knows what he stands for. And finding out together how to spent our lives, raising our kids and trusting God means everything to me.

I love him.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


After three weeks of travelling we're back to Norway.
Spring has come.
I brought this old ladder home with me.
And a gourgous piece of japanese fabric from 

Echino by Etsuko Furuya.

Isn't this the most beautiful print ever?

But what to do with it?
Lamp shade?
I can't decide...