Saturday, May 7, 2011

my man

The best of all husbands, my own Mr.Viking celebrated his birthday this week. We shared an early quiet breakfeast... I'm so thankful to have this man. When I first mentioned him in my dairy nearly 17 years ago, I wrote: "This guy know what he believes in..."

That's why I feel so secure with him. He knows what he stands for. And finding out together how to spent our lives, raising our kids and trusting God means everything to me.

I love him.


Comeca Jones said...

How wonderful to have someone so special for your heart~Happy Moms Day!

Simple Home said...

What a wonderful tribute. Happy Birthday to your husband :-)

Anette - Opalveien - said...

Så fin blogg du har :-) Og så heldig du er som har funnet en mann som elsker Gud og familien sin :-)

Merethe said...

Åh, er det ikke bare GODT- når man har det sånn?! Kan tenke meg du er en god kone for han også :) Det var en god ide med en stille frokost, bare dere to!

klem til deg!

michelle said...

Beautiful post and happy birthday to your loving husband. :)

Mrs.C said...

What a blessing to have a strong husband, strong in faith. Mine is the same.