Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a little christmas in the breakfeast nook...

The christmas season started rather dramatic for us.
In summer I started again to work a little at the local nursing home (I'm a R.N.), so I was still at work Saturday evening, when babyboy crashed into a door while having something in his mouth, which lead to an injury at one of his tonsils and back in the throat.
After I came home (instead of hanging advent stars in the windows - as I had planned), I organized a babysitter to come over and packed my toothbrush while my husband went to the local ER with babyboy.
They sent us to town to the hospital.

I spent the night with him in hospital and Sunday morning the doctors decided it was best to sew the injury with some stiches under a general anaesthetic.
It was not a nice feeling, laying my unconcious baby down on the operation table, leaving him there while I had to leave the room.
But everything went so well. We could take him home with us already the same day. And now, three days later everything is just fine. ;)

I even got some christmas decoration up by now!

This year's advent's candles are nearly the same as last year's.
Just that I turned the mugs around. To keep the candles secure a little hot glue does the trick.
And I used red candles.
 In my childhood advent wreath's always had red candles.

Tomorrow is first of december.
The count down is about to start!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011