Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a little christmas in the breakfeast nook...

The christmas season started rather dramatic for us.
In summer I started again to work a little at the local nursing home (I'm a R.N.), so I was still at work Saturday evening, when babyboy crashed into a door while having something in his mouth, which lead to an injury at one of his tonsils and back in the throat.
After I came home (instead of hanging advent stars in the windows - as I had planned), I organized a babysitter to come over and packed my toothbrush while my husband went to the local ER with babyboy.
They sent us to town to the hospital.

I spent the night with him in hospital and Sunday morning the doctors decided it was best to sew the injury with some stiches under a general anaesthetic.
It was not a nice feeling, laying my unconcious baby down on the operation table, leaving him there while I had to leave the room.
But everything went so well. We could take him home with us already the same day. And now, three days later everything is just fine. ;)

I even got some christmas decoration up by now!

This year's advent's candles are nearly the same as last year's.
Just that I turned the mugs around. To keep the candles secure a little hot glue does the trick.
And I used red candles.
 In my childhood advent wreath's always had red candles.

Tomorrow is first of december.
The count down is about to start!


Rie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your son Margitta! How terrible. I hope he continues healing well. Your decor looks beautiful (as always). I hope your December is filled with happy memories!

Comeca Jones said...

Hope the baby feels better soon. And your home of course is beautiful glad you found a little time to make it lovely.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Oh, that poor baby. I bet he was so scared...and Momma too. I know the feeling of seeing your little boy...looking almost lifeless and being taken from you. You feel so helpless; my son had major surgery at 2 years of age. That moment is etched in my mind...

Glad that he is able to come home and Hope he feels better.

Your Advent decor looks pretty.


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a nice break from blogging, glad you are back! :) Poor baby boy! Hope he's healing well. Merry Christmas!

Simple Home said...

I'm glad your little boy is doing better. I'm glad you're back to blogging too. I love your style :)
Your photos are beautiful!