Wednesday, August 22, 2012

farm house table goodbye

Last year I made a farm house table, using our old IKEA table as base and adding some cheap planks on top. Read all about it here.

While I really liked it, it was not very practical for a family of seven who eats three meals a day at home ;).
Breadcrumbs would sit between the planks, the planks got a little uneven which led to spilled milk.... So I was looking for another option.

But what to do with the planks? 

They turned into a bedhead for our oldest son. He has his own, but tiny room.
The old Ikea table got reunited with its original top and holds the legos in the playroom.

As to the "new" dining table, here's a sneak peek:

Monday, August 20, 2012

soon back to blogging

We did have a great summer. Especially being on a a camping trip to the Czech Republic was a highlight, as was visiting family in southern Germany. Today school is starting again.

There have been some changes around here.
I will be back to a bit more regular blogging from now on.