Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have shown pics of my hut on the deck a hundred times, so if you are tired of them do not read on!
I just have to document any changes. And that changes acure quite regurlar around here you have perhaps realized by now!
I moved the bench from my dining room into the hut (because I moved a sideboard fom the living room to the dining room...)

Love how we use this space now as soon as temperature allows...
I even see us sitting there in winter with warm jackets and plaids dinking warm cacao!


Heims verden said...

Så utrolig kosli:D

Ha en nydelig uke:)

Besta said...

Veldig koselig, kan godt sitte der utover høsten:)
Ha en fin uke.

klem fra marilyn

Rie said...

I love everything that you do! It all looks great. So calming and beautiful.