Tuesday, November 30, 2010

fur wreath

When I saw this fur wreath at The Nester I loved it.
"Where do I get a piece of white fur?" was my instant thought.

Than some days later I was at an outlet store hunting for some caps for my boys... how do they manage to miss them so quickly???
And in a basket they had some stuff like that...

just a little thinner and a little more fake...
and a little cheaper... for 10 NOK's (1.60 USD)!

Oh my fur wreath!

There it is:

Oh I love projects that are done with a minimun of time and money involved :).

Greetings from a still unusual cold, but sunny Norway!

The god thing is the battle in the morning to make the children wear good clothes is nearly over.
Caps? yes.
Mittens? yes.
Winter jackets? yes.

And yes, dear, the woolen underwear aswell.

By now they have realized it actually is worth the effort to dress well.
If the alternative is to freeze.


Anonymous said...

That looks great! I love the little bits of darker fur, really gives it some great dimension. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your wreath is inspired! and it made me laugh out loud too, so ingenious~

Andrea | HomageStyle.com said...

Love your wreath even more than the inspiration wreath!

The way you've wrapped it gives it more dimension, which makes it look fabulous!

I might want to knock off your wreath! If only I could find the faux fur scarves for $1.60...

Margitta said...

Andrea, I regret I did,nt buy more of them, I just bought three. For the size of the wreath I should have had one more... and they could be used in other projects aswell...