Friday, November 12, 2010

80 %...

Today, I read in the Norwegian newspaper "Morgenbladet" that 80% of all one year old children are in day care in our country.

This one is not.

Because I believe it's my responsibility to be there for him.
And I believe it's best for him.

The newspaper article was written by Lars Smith, Professor at the Psychology Department at the University of Oslo.
He said that a one year old might do well socially at day care, but doubted that a day care environment will do good for his psychological development.

Oh well, I have not studied psychology - 
but isn't it common sense that a small child needs his mommy?

Or his daddy...

To give comfort?
To explore this exciting world together?
To teach him right from wrong?
To love him unconditionally?

I'd rather have less money, but be there as long as he needs me.


Sarah Lynne said...

What a blessing to be able to stay home with your boy!

Simple Home said...

I so agree. What an adorable little one year old you have too. We've done without lots of things over the years so I could be home with our children. We actually home school our children, so I've been home with them for years, and they still grow up too fast :-)

eba said...

I could not agree more!!! None of my 4 kids have been to any kind of day-care because of the reasons you write here. <3 It truely is a privelege!!!

Anonymous said...

Not only that - I wanted to be with my children, and not just at bedtime, so I was looking for my own happiness too! They are all grown now, wish I had grandchildren...

Darling little boy!

grace said...

He is so sweet...I 100% agree with you and consider it an honor to stay at home with my little girl.