Friday, November 19, 2010

sunburst mirror

I did it.
I knew I had this round mirror in my basement.
And some driftwood.
It was just to warm up the hot glue and to get going.

It turned out as I hoped.
I had plans for a picture wall on this spot.
But I'm not good with picture walls

.But than I thought I should give the white brick wall a try.

I had troubles to fill this wall between the woodstove and the door aswell.
Love it even better here.

Wait. This means I still have to get this picture wall above the dining table up....
Good it's still some time until christmas.

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Jen T said...

WOW! That looks fabulous! I love it! I so enjoy looking at your house and what you've done. Have a good weekend! Jen

Anonymous said...

I love that Margitta - mind if I copy?
Maybe I had better find some free wall space first....

Margitta said...

I saw something simmalar on the net... feel free to copy, Tricia Rose!

thaís said...

¡Hi! Marguitta I love your blog. ¡Congratulations!

Emma said...

Brilliant! That is the first sunburst mirror I have loved!!! Looks fabulous on your wall as well.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

I am totally in LOVE with this mirror! Rustic and so eye catching. Adorable! Love all the colours in your dining room too. What a great shot!

Featured you on SNS27's sidebar this weekend. :)


Erin said...

Love what you have done here! That is terrific!

Jane B. said...

Thanks so much for linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday...I LOVE, LOVE this creative mirror! So rustic and chic all at the same time!

Finding Fabulous

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Hallo Margitta, ich bin deine neueste Leserin. Habe deinen blog via Maya gefunden. Der Spiegel und deine Einrichtung gefaellt mir sehr gut. Woher kommst du? Ich bin original von Ansbach Mfr. Lebe jetzt aber in den USA. LG

michelle said...

Margitta this is gorgeous!! I saw it at Maya's Completely Coastal and had to come over say...beautiful!! :)