Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year and christmas recap

Happy new year!

The older the children get the more I appreciate holidays and school breaks... so good to have everybody home, even Mr Viking was home every day between christmas and new year!

Add the beloved aunt R to the mix (who spent her christmas break from her bible school year in England here with us) and everybody's happy!

Christmas eve we set up a long table in the kitchen/dining room and enjoyed traditional pinnekjøtt for dinner.

The table cloth wasn't ironed - but cloth napkins give the feeling of some luxary ;).

Mismatched wine glasses, my grandmothers silver cuttlery and my husbands grandmothers china.
Some straps of Hadanger lace and some burlap and a little greenery.

And my husband made the best mashed rutabaga (yellow turnip) I ever tasted!


Fjordheim said...

Et nydelig pyntet langbord.
Ha et velsignet godt nytt år :)

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I like the touch of the UN-ironed table cloth...makes it look like 'home'

love your photos...

Guttemamma said...

For et nydelig bord!! Godt nytt år til deg og dine!

Sharon said...

I always love your pictures! Have a Blessed New Year!