Friday, December 17, 2010


With the holidays approaching I find myself once again going over the childrens wardrobe. Keeping up with clothes for seven people is sometimes quite a task ;).

This dress I designed myself, my mother made the dress from red linnen and I made the apron using american patchwork fabric. My little girl had it for several years, but has finally outgrown it this year.

Last christmas eve she used her childrens bunad
It's a national costume, handmade by a 94year old lady. 
Norwegian women are very good at handiwork. It's beeing said nowegian girls get birthed with  knitting needles in their hands (ouch! - poor mothers!).

(here on the 17th of May - nationalday)

For this year I'm so lucky to have received several "hand me downs" from a dear friend of mine who has a girl some years older than mine.

The dress and blouse is from french  Mayoral. Vest by Hennes&Mauritz.

Blouse and pants by Mayoral. Cardigan hat and scarv made by a friend (one of those accomplished norwegian ladies;).

Yet another hand me down from Mayoral, she already used it last year, but it still fits this year.
I love it's simle style and beautiful details.

I have to admit its fun to have a girl to dress up. 
And as I love classic interior it's no surprise I like classic clothes.
I just have a little ironing to do and I can check off another thing of my

Handknitted (not by me!!!) norwegian jumpers for the boys.


Fjordheim said...

For noen nydelige klær.
Kan tenke meg det blir noen flotte unger i jula hos dere.
Ønsker deg ei riktig god
førjulstid :)

My Not So Simple, Domestic Life said...

I love the fur vest. Very sweet. Aren't hand-me-downs great?! Have a very blessed Christmas!

Rie said...

Those are SOOOO beautiful. That grey dress is my favorite. I love having girls to dress up too!

Simple Home said...

I love these sweet dresses. I told my girls the other day that I wished they still wore these. Of course, at 15 and 17, they aren't interested anymore :-)