Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Norwegian tradition

It's a norwegian tradition that in the days between christmas and new years eve children dress up as "nisse".

They knock at doors in the neighbourhood, sing christmas carols and receive treats.
As we don't do halloween, the kids look forward to this the whole year - 
and as long they really sing a song it's fine with me. :)

We have quite some elderly people living in the neighbourhood and I know they appreciate
having some singing children knocking on their door.

And the kids are happy for the treats...
Ahhm - this photo was taken after they ate half of all they had gathered.


Kathy Martin said...

What a neat tradition! I had never heard of it! I wish more fols in the U.S. would give fruit!

My Not So Simple, Domestic Life said...

I love it! I would rather my children do that than Halloween.

Terrell said...

How fun is this!!! Simply precious! Love those little pinch-able sweet cheeks!
~Happiest of holidays to you and yours sweetie~

Anonymous said...

Lovely idea :) It would be great if that tradition spread!