Monday, December 27, 2010

How was your christmas? I hope you had a wonderful time together with your family...

We had a very cozy christmas eve.

Babyboy eating a clementine and some cookies after we came home from church.

(His duffle coat is made by my mother in the early 70s)

Unfortuneatly we're still battling some viruses - 
and on christmas day we grown-ups could not enjoy the good food I had prepared.

But now I'm already evaluating this years christmas... and thinking about what we are going to repeat both concerning decorations and family activities...

Forming more and more our own family traditions.

I absolutly loved my small simple tree on the diningroom sideboard, which hold well sitting in the bucket with water...

Now I'm off to watch Heidi together with my little daughter.
I loved the book as a child!
I'm not sure if I like Heidi and her Grandpa to speak English ;)

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René said...

Adorable. I hope you are enjoying the holidays Margitta.