Friday, December 10, 2010

Swedish style

I grew up with a large copy of this picture above our dining table. My parents liked scandinavien style and pictures by Carl Larsson (1853-1919). Unusual for people living in the south of Germany.

As a small child I was oddly facinated by the pile of shrimps on the table. It was not before many years later in Norway that I got served shrimps like that.

Even better than Carl Larsons exterior paintings I like those he painted of the inside of "Lilla hyttnäs" - the artists home, where he lived together with his wife Karin and their eight children.

Karin Larsson was an artist, too. After her marriage she dedicated herself to make a home for her growing family.

"Karin’s creative power and artistic taste is a very important component in Carl’s art. The bold interior decoration, the modern textiles, the rustic furniture – most of which she designed herself. One could say that their artistic talents coexisted in powerful symbiosis – she created the home that he depicted and together they created the motifs that have come to characterise the picture of Sweden that is cherished the world over."

"in the corner"

I love the colors, all the details, the personal touches and the stories this paintings tell.
It's all about family. About home.



This one is another of my favourites. It's called:
 "When the children have gone to bed"

There are quite some paintings having a christmas theme, like this called "Christmas morning".
(Oh, this could be my kids ;)

There are many more I could share with you, google "Carl Larsson" and you'll find many more of his paintings.

A last one of his beautiful wife:


Erin said...

These are so beautiful! My favorite is the one with the dog! Reminds me of my dog!!!

Amy Kinser said...

What stories these paintings tell. I love them and all of their great details.

Guttemamma said...

Disse bildene har fulgt meg i oppveksten også! Og like fascinerende fortsatt synes jeg!!

Simple Home said...

I loved this artist. Thank you for sharing some of his beautiful works.