Monday, December 6, 2010

picture wall

I told you I'm not good at creating picture walls.
Now I know why.
There are to many possibilities, and therefore to many choices involved.

  1. First you have to gather all the picture and stuff you want to include.
  2. And than you have to get it up on the wall

I liked using the piano to display the pictures.
(mental note: wipe fingerprints away BEFORE taking pictures)
But it is a little impractical.

So get them up and get it done.


This is what I came up with.
And I was actually more or less happy with the result.

Well, at least until Mr Viking came home.
Have I ever told you that this man has strong convictions?
(that's why I married him!)
Even about pictures and frames and...

... and how they should be hung over a piano.

So this adds a third step to the challenge of creating a picture wall:

       3. get your husbands approval

He is my severest critique. As I am his in other areas. This makes us a team.

So I removed some pictures, changed some frames. And it looks like this.

It's possible I'll tweak it a little after a while,
but for now that's it.

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Rie said...

I absolutely LOVE your picture wall!! I think Mr. Viking's editing was a good idea. It looks fantastic!

Erin said...

I love it, looks wonderful!

Jen T said...

You did a great job arranging them! I love your colors..soooo pretty.

Jo said...

Your wall is gorgeous! I love the sepia pictures with the mix of white/light frames. I just may copy the look whenever I redo mine.