Monday, December 6, 2010

pale winter sun

It's a challenge to make pictures with the pale winter sun just coming a little over the horizon for a few hours a day.

I tweaked my front porch a little.
I suddently remembered I had those adorable old sleighs in my garage.

My Mr Viking rescued them from being tossed away out of his grandmas cellar.
They belonged to his dad and his brother.
He knew I would like them.
And I did - after scrubbing 60 years of dust of them.

The other one I used inside.
Sneak peak - more tomorrow:


Amy Kinser said...

So pretty! I have my husband's childhood sled and I love using it to decorate in the winter.

I can't imagine anyone throwing wonderful treasures like that away. Great save...

Fjordheim said...

For en herlig uteplass du har da.
Godt å kunne ha en uteplass der snøen ikke dekker alt. Det gjør det her, så jeg kan ikek ah så mange fine ting ute.Men litt må en jo pynte.
Ha ei riktig god adventsuke:)

Grace said...

Pretty as always.

Linda said...

Dette var kjempekoselig!!