Thursday, December 2, 2010

tips for baking cookies with children

  • make the dough in good time beforehand 
  • schedule the baking when the baby naps

  • dress the children in cute costumes - so it gets even more fun!

  • let them go into action while you pray for strengh and patience

  • enjoy looking at these small hands working together

  • risk that your kitchen looks like this after the children are done

  • when the baby is up, dress him up, too
  • let him have as many cookies as it takes you to clean up the kitchen

  • after the kitchen is cleaned up enjoy a cup of coffee with your husband - if he happens to be around

  • hope the cookies will last for at least three days


Fjordheim said...

Koselig å bake sammen med ungene.
Gleder meg til detkommer noen barnebarn jeg kan bake sammen med. Ungene er så store atdei heller vil bake alene.
Ha en flott førjulsdag :)

Merethe said...

he he he-fantastisk! Nå ble jeg het varm om hjertet! :)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...


My Mom always used to let my daughter wear her red high heels to bake while helping her cook!

Grace said...

looks like fun:)

Heims verden said...

Åååå:):) Nydelig innlegg:) Skal ta med tipsene til fremtiden når det kommer noen små;) hehe

Ønsker deg en herlig kveld!