Wednesday, October 6, 2010

today again

I started to show you some of my baskets I use for storage around the house yesterday, here some more:

bath downstairs

I even don't bother folding them.
Just toss them into the basket.
(Don't ask me why I keep pitchers in the bath room...)

and just below, very traditional:

dirty laundry

 important box in the laundry room:
single socks...

No, this pic is not about the cutie on the tripp trapp chair neither about the book mess in the small dresser.
It's all about the small basket on the table.
I often keep some cutlery there, because it so often happens during a meal that we suddently need an extra fork ok knive or a small spoon...
And so nobody has to leave the table = a more quiet meal.


This basket is actually huge.
It was my greatgrandmothers laundry basket.

and two more suitcases:

craft paper

America trunk
pillows and blankets not in use

I promise, no more baskets and boxes tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I can't see past your perfect corner cupboard Margitta - does it have a story?

What a good idea to have an artlessly unfolded basket of washcloths. I use mine for handtowels and keep them folded and rolled in a basket beside the sink, in a style I flatter myself looks Japanese. Very labour-intensive, guests only!

Margitta said...

oh it actually came with the house, but was a very yellowish pine, so I painted, distressed and glazed it... :)

I used to do this rolling towels thing, but gave up with child three ;)