Thursday, October 14, 2010

expensive junk style

Industrial junk style has become quite popular here in Norway. 
I love it.
 It adds a rough/masculine touch to the before popular romantic cottage style...

I do not love the price tag.

Why should stuff that many consider junk cost thousands of norwegian Kroner?

But the good news is it doesn't have to cost that much!

Donna from
is the queen of homemade industrial junk style.

A great source of inspiration!

This is definitely something I want implement more in my home.
I can't expect my husband and my four boys  to live in an all white, romantic and girly environment.
Our home must represent all of us.

Here are some of my own masculine touches:

old sign from an boat

America trunk

Metall bins

and of course my saw horse in the kitchen

my husbands guitar

whatever these are in english ;)

How du you implement masculine touches in your decoration?
Do you like junk style?


Anonymous said...

Yes Margitta, I am a scavenger, especially on the beaches and marinas around me - I find wonderful junk! I would feel totally in the wrong spirit if I paid for it.

I am not mean - I will pay money for beautiful materials - but I need things to be real, and real junk doesn't come at any price beyond the discernment to see past the outside.

FairfieldHouse said...


I love anything vintage, antique -- what others may consider junk I repurpose into treasure and use in my decor. I adore the contrast of the heavy darker colors and textures against the whites and palest floral. You can see some of my pieces used in my latest post. Your home is beautiful.