Saturday, July 10, 2010

recovering a stol

Some years ago I found this cute little stol at a thriftstore. It used to be brown wood with a reddish falmed fabric on top.

This week a dear familymember spilled a glass of milk on it...

So I recovered it again.

But first I printed some coordinates on the fabric.

First I thought I use the coordinates of our home... but I really did not want all of you to know the exact spot where we live ;), so I founnd the coordinates of a mountain top in the blackforest which has a special meaning to me.

I sprayed it with some scotchguard to make it more durable.

Now this dear little stol reminds me of a cold december night on a mountaintop in 1996 when Mr Viking asked a question...
I answered YES.
 And now I am Mrs Viking.


Teri said...

Fantastic idea! Perfect for a project for my bedroom. thanks for posting!

Fjordheim said...

Ja den ble jo flott. Ikke så galt at det ikke er godt for noe. Hender det vi sier.
Og krakken var fin før, men ble enda finere nå.
Ha en god søndag :)

Anonymous said...

That looks lovely Margitta, and what a touching reference! I love anything which is a reminder of the great eternals, in the middle of daily life.

I doubt I'd be able to create my own version, but I hope you don't mind if I try!

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh I just love it!
Thank you for sharing!
Please visit me at my new blog:
Have a good night~

Jan Thomason said...

hmmmm. i can't remember how i got here, but i'm so glad that i did!! i have really enjoyed your lighthearted (and inspirational) posts. *the stool w/ the coordinates - fabulous*

i'm looking forward to following you and getting to know you.