Friday, July 23, 2010

kitchen hutch

I have this little hutch in my dining room.
For several years I have decorated with white or cream dishes.
Today I craved some color.

I love how it changed the whole dining room.

And the best thing is that if I'm done with color, it'll be two minutes and the white dishes are back... ;)


Fjordheim said...

Ja det er fint med farger, noen ganger. Men ofte bare ei kort stund. Slik er det i hvertfall her. Men jeg syns hylla di ble fin. Flott den muggen. Spesiell fasong på den.
Ha ei flott helg, i sol håper jeg :)

Terrell said...

I think it looks absolutely amazing both ways! Great job!! I love the style of the hutch..the possibilities are simply endless with it's decor!