Thursday, April 8, 2010

My "mantle"

Nester at "Nesting Place" has a mantle party time. We have a woodstove, but no fireplace and hence no mantle. But I have this sideboard in our combined living/diningroom where I put things on display:

some details:

and another view of  this part of the room:

Don't ask my why I put this chair on the trunk, I just had to have something big on there...
And here is the woodstove:


Christine said...

Very soft and pretty!

Sandra said...

Very pretty tablescape...lovely to look at! Come say hi.

Contemplating Cadie said...

Love your furniture! I have a chair hanging on the wall over a table right now. When people come over, I ask if they "would like to have a seat"...funny expressions usually follow.

Also, I really enjoyed reading your profile description, you just sound NEAT!

Michelle@ A Full Cottage said...

Your livingroom is fantastic!! I love the rusty keys hanging down from the plant and how the plant draps down to the vintage black thin. What is that anyway?

:) Michelle