Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a room that gets little attention...

is the master bedroom. At least mine. Usually I have my hands full to keep the puplic rooms clean and more or less tidy. This is why I liked the nesters (see bloglist) series "10 minutes to a room you'll love"... well, since I'm not the most efficent person it was more like 40min, but I did a bit of cleaning and changed sheets, etc. Here we go:



What I did:

- removed babybed (he moved to his own room somtime ago)
- change bedding
- decluttered
- exchanged 60s bedsidetable with a very shabby taboret


Finally I got these two small pictures up!

Love this old school desk

The rocking horse was my husbands grandmothers. I'd love to have it in the living room but I'm afraid it won't survive my children...

Enough pictures? One more...

Question: Should I paint the headboard and if in what color? I am not too happy with the wall color either, but that has to wait... another 100 more urgent projects first ;)

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