Thursday, March 18, 2010

people are more important than things...

Volker Waltersbacher, a german bibleteacher used this phrase in a sermon on priorities many years ago. From time to time I have to re-focus on that. I'm not a people person. Social settings make me feel awkward. I often have to be persuaded to go out. I love quietness and solitude. But peaople ARE more important than things... and my children are more important than a perfect styled home... and my poor sick baby needs me more than this blogg/computer...
See you later!

Babyboy calmed down. This beeing said, here are a few of my favorite things in addition to my sweet baby ;)

The pic is from december, hence the nativity figures. The basket is made by an old family friend and was given to my parents as a wedding gift. The suitcases... the one on top is my husbands (heirloom) and the lower is mine (inherited from old Herr Herrmann Schweigle). I like the symbolism, that they joined their journey and travel together now. And the sofa... well, that is another story.

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