Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the blessings of hospitality

We try to be hospitable. Somehow if you have five children one doesn't get invited that much any longer... I understand this. I mean not everyone has seven spare chairs round their table. Entertaining guests became so much easier after we moved to this house.
My rules for hospitality:
Nr 1: KISS - keep it simple stupid (one teacher at bibleschool recommented that).
Serve what you would serve your family anyway, cooking the double amount is not so much more work.
Nr 2: turn off the harsh lights and lit some candles and nobody sees the dust on the bookshelves...
Nr 3: let your guests help you, one can have great fellowship while working together in the kitchen
Nr 4: have something beautiful on the table. Even in winter there is always somthing to find outside...
Nr 5: don't aim for perfection, be yourself

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