Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a summer party

Babyboy turned two earlier this summer. 

Eventhough the temprature was still around 60 Farenheit (ca 16 Celcius), we opted for a outside party.

We had a blast, eventhough friends and family had to cramp together in the hut when it started raining, 
and eventually we ended up in the livingroom :).

Suddently he's two, talks and still makes me laugh. every. single. day. A LOT.


jean said...

Oh my...what a sweet baby face. Even at two.

Rie said...

Oh, he is soooo cute! The party looked so inviting and beautiful! I love that outdoor area you have.

Fiona said...

He is so cute! Two year olds are so funny! What a lovely place for a party, you always do everything so nicely.

Janet said...

What a doll baby. Your family is beautiful and you are blessed!!!!!