Friday, July 29, 2011

our beautiful country

 We spent last weekend at my brother's house.
(they are on holiday themselves...)
The most tragic weekend in Norways younger history.

It was surreal following the news, while sitting at such a quiet, secluded, beautiful spot.

The view from their living room.

My sister-in-law has an unpretentious, yet personal style.
I like it.

They are a very musical family, and I love how they display all the instruments in the living room.

Thanks, F and M, for letting us stay and relax for some days!


Janet said...

What a beautiful setting. A good place to reflect on the recent tragedy. It is truly heartbreaking what happened in Norway. A madman taking the life of so many innocents. I still can't believe these things happen in our world. Prayers to all who were involved and of course to Norway!!!

Jill said...

I am still so sad for my brothers and sisters in Norway. I hope this comment will be of some comfort in knowing I will always remember the tragic days of July 2011. Im from Virginia in the United States but in Our Lords eyes we are all His children. We all suffer when each other hurts. On a brighter note Margitta I think your house is one of the most beautiful Ive ever seen. I sometimes will stare at each room and pretend I live in it. Thank you for you blog! Jill from USA