Sunday, July 17, 2011

in memory of Hagbart

Hagbart was an old sailor living down the road.
For many years he worked on  the sea.
He died some months ago.

I will remember him for all the times he raised himself in our simple church gatherings, not complaining of his poor health, but always speaking about was Jesus did for him.

And I will remember him, because one of his old sea maps is hanging in my diningroom now.

wonderfull smelling roses from the garden

PS. Sorry for beeing away for so long. Everything is well with us. It's just that summer suddently catched up on me... But we still wait for a little warmth to arrive at our northern latitude - having mostly around 14-16 Celcius ( below 60 Farenheit).


jean said...

It is always so refreshing to hear someone speak of what the Lord has done for him/her, instead of complaining. Thank you for sharing this.

Amy Kinser said...

Such a sweet post.

God bless you.

mamakt said...

yeah! i'm so glad u r back! i don't know what happened to my previous comment but i regard you highly and share your faith! LOVE your blog and was concerned about you! i thank God for you! =)

Rose West said...

That's so nice that you can remember your friend with such a lovely map. Thanks for the post!

Fiona said...

What a wonderful memory to have of your friend, I hope I am like that when I am old. But why wait? I should be like that now! The map looks great in your home.

Here in Australia it is mid-winter and reaching 13-16 deg most days, same as you are having! Brr you have a chilly summer!