Monday, March 7, 2011

on tour and a tip

Yesterday we drove about an hour into some fjords visiting a small church. I didn't take my camara along.(sometimes it's best just to enjoy life, but the picture above is from the area, and it looked jut like this ;).
 The drive on an early Sunday morning was beautiful.
The afternoon we spent having potluck at a playground together with friends

Even though spring is yet to come the days are longer now
 and my daugther came in with the first snowbells the other day...

Happy new week!

Feel the need to tackle some organizing projects?
Tsh at Simple Mom is doing a five week organizing series.


Mrs.C said...

So beautiful! We watch a Scandinavian cooking show, and they often show scenes of the fjords, I would love to see those places in person.

Anonymous said...

It is gorgeous, but I absolutely agree that we can't go through life looking at it through a lens. I have been in Paris recently and many days the camera stayed in the bag as I experienced the city.