Tuesday, March 1, 2011

fleeting beauty

Isn't a bunch of tulips a fleeting beauty?

They bent.
They die.

I still can't throw them out.
Because they still somehow are beautiful.

And today they remind me that imperfect still can be beautiful.
Just like my life.

Just like the door that does not shut properly.
Or the chairs that need a coat of paint.

And they tell me that in my strive for perfection I so quickly forget to enjoy the beauty God placed in my life.

So I thank God for my little man eating yoghurt with his hands (because mommy is busy taking pictures) and for a new friendship to the one who gave this lovly tulips to me...


Merethe said...


I dag trenger jeg ikke skrive noe mer...

Varm klem

Mrs.C said...

Your little one is so precious, w/ yogurt all over his face. We have a guest this week in our home, a 4 yr. old, little man, and he brings so much joy to us when he comes to visit.

Blessings to you!

Fiona said...

Lovely words! I've just been looking back at photos of my girls when they were younger and enjoying the beauty from those days ... Sometimes it's hard to see beauty when we are in the thick of life! But you seem to be quite good at it...

Anonymous said...

Kjæraste Margitta. Det varma hjerta mitt å lesa!!
Du og "alle mennene
og prinsesså" di oppleves som ein gave fra Gud te meg og min familie.

Takk for alt dåkker alt har gitt av dåkker sjøl te oss:)
Klem fra EMMA