Thursday, March 31, 2011

Be still

Due to a broken camara lens and some health issues I'm taking a little bloggbreak.

"Be still my soul and know that I'm God."

He knows. And he cares.
And even here in Norway spring's around the corner.
(But the pics are from May 2011)

I'll be back. ;)


Mrs.C said...

Prayers for you, for your health. You will be missed! Praying you are well soon!

A Vintage Vine said...

Hope you are better soon! We will miss you!

Simple Home said...

He knows and He cares...we're feeling that so much this week, as our family has gone through such a trial. I hope you're better soon. Prayers for you my friend.
P.S. your images are beautiful, but you must mean May 2010, as May 2011 hasn't arrived yet :-)

michelle said...

I am so sorry, I hope you are feeling better soon, prayers for you.

Fiona said...

Glad you are taking a break for yourself, hope you are feeling well soon, yes He cares more than anyone else can!
(and hope your camera gets better too!)
Wishing you lovely spring weather to recover in!

Margitta said...

Thank you everyone. You are so sweet. I really get moved reading your kind words.

Angela said...

Greetings from Nebraska, USA! I just stopped by for the first time and just love your photos. I'm sorry your lens is broke! God bless

Completely Coastal said...

Just thought I let you know..., your fabulous driftwood mirror is included in my coastal mix post here.