Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Norwegian Winter

  • Several people have inquired how I cope with norwegian winter. It's a difficult question to answer. Because for us it's kind of just how it is. Dark in winter. Light in summer.

(scource this is polar light seen from Lofoten - much longer north from where I live)

But norwegians certainly have developed some strategies to cope with the darkness:
  • Decorate, prepare, celebrate and get totally crazy about christmas the whole month of December - and before you realize the darkest month has gone by.

(the King and his family in front of a huge gingerbread house inside the castle)

  • Put as many lamps of all sorts and sizes you can imagine into your livingroom.
  • Truly believe there is no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothes and 

  • truly believe the best playground for children is nature and they have to play outside everyday - even if it's dark.
( Did you know that three times 15minutes in a week of sunlight is enough for producing Vitamin D?)
  • invest 100 Kroner to get some fresh tulips from the Netherlands in January/February
(I actually have a lovly bunch of tulips on my diningboard but it's too dark to get a picture now :)
  • as soon as the first sunrays warm the air in spring digg out the bikini and get as much sun as possible

It's not very expensive to travel to Spain/Turkey or other places in southern Europe. So many travel there for a vacation during the winter month. Many retired norwegians actually live in Spain.

But I really do long for spring!
Do you have any tips on how to get through the dark winter month?


Anonymous said...

Hello! I recently stumbled on your blog. It's lovely. I live in Minnesota in the US. We don't have as much darkness as you have in Norway, but we certaily have the cold! In the winter, I like to make lots of good soups, light candles, play board games, and bake breads. I spend the rest of the time dreaming of warmer weather!

Anonymous said...

PS spelling correction--CERTAINLY!

Margitta said...

Linden Townhouse, welcome to my blog! Candles and board games and soups... Yes - happens a lot at our house in wintertime! Baking bread sounds wonderful, but is something I do FAR too little... but it's so good! My husband did bake a no-knead bread for a while, hmmm perhaps I should get into doing that again!

Simple Home said...

Oh Margitta, I'd love to visit Norway sometime. All of the photos I see of it are beautiful! We have lots of sunshine here in the desert, so vitamin D isn't an issue, and we don't get those beautiful aurora borealis lights either.

Margitta said...

Welcome Marcia, to our "hotel"! It would be wonderful to have you and your family staying with us! :)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I'm sure those smiling faces is a big help to get through the winter too!!

That first photo is just so mesmerizing!!

Margitta said...
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Margitta said...

Mesmerizing?! Oh the riches of the English language... Thanks Sandi for teaching me a new word!

Fiona said...

I also discovered your blog recently, it is lovely!
It is Summer here in Australia and oddly enough I am struggling with darkness as well - in order to keep the house cool I have to keep the curtains shut for most of the day! The air-conditioning is pumping away this week, it is particularly hot at the moment, even at night. The heatis too oppressive to be outside. I am finding it hard to do anything but sit on the sofa and look at blogs! But looking at lovely homes like yours inspire me to tidy and rearrange a little in my air-conditioned living room and kitchen, which I have done this week. Next week should be cooler so I will be able to see the outdoors again! It's not as long as your winter, but I do struggle with this time of year. The weather is stunningly beautiful, but I am sitting in the dark!

Margitta said...

Fiona, we'd like to have some of your warmth ;), but I understand how you feel. I dont cope very well with high temperatures...

A Vintage Vine said...

Hi, I just gave you the Stylish Blogger award come on over and see....Lisa