Saturday, September 18, 2010

more livingroom

I re-wallpapered my livingroom two months ago. And while I have shown bits of it, I've not shown all of it. Partly because I still lack some finishing touches...

So today I'll show you unstyled, real-life, as-it-is pics. Thats how far I've come...

Rember I have five kids, four of them boys, active boys... the youngest is 15 month.
He is the most active toddler I had so far. This living room is used from dawn to dusk.

My husband is a computer programmer.
I think his youngest will follow in his footsteps.

I love about it that 
  • it's airy and spacious 
  • but still has two sitting areas and a table
  • one sofa is facing the woodstove
  • that I hung the curtains high
  • that I added some more molding on top of the windows
  • I switched from a pure nostaltic style
  • to a lighter, more beachy look
I'm still not too happy about
  • the couch totally blending into the wall
  • the light fixture above the table not having electricity
  • the playpen
  • the wall behind the piano lakking some piece of art
  • lakking pictures of the children
  • the bookcase
  • the view

Any ideas for further improvements?
What do you love about YOUR livingroom?


Anonymous said...

I like the sofa colour because it allows the beautiful armoire to shine~

It is a lovely room Margitta - you have the eye. I wouldn't worry about a thing besides getting that great light fitting wired up!

Simple Home said...

I love the openness of your living room, and the beautiful colors too. I understand about the bookshelves. I have that problem too, but if you have kids, and you want them to love to read, you have bookshelves :-) I've never figured out a way to hide them and still have them be used all the time. The room is beautiful!
I understand about the boys too. I have 4 of my own, and they don't seem to get neater because they get older :-)