Wednesday, September 15, 2010

another pair of "new" lamps and a plum cake

Found the two lamps in one thrift store and the two shades in another one...
The shades are IKEA and looked like this:

They had a bit wrong color sheme so I painted them with some watered down paint (hoping it would let the light still shining through - didn't work out too well!)
But I still think they look cute.

My mother in law has a plum tree in her garden (wich used to be our garden).
I craved german plum cake.

I liked the lamps on top of the piano too...



Mmmm ... ser nyyyydelig ut!! Og lampene ble kjempe-flotte:)

Klem klem

Fjordheim said...

Så flotte lampene ble.
Og den kaka di såg veldig god ut.
Ønsker deg en god dag :)