Friday, September 24, 2010


I have  a decoration book from the late 60's. It used to belong to my mum (don't tell her :).
Some years ago I thought it was hidious and just kept it because I thought it was funny.
When I looked through it some weeks ago I was amazed how much of its style is coming back... and there were actually some images I liked...

I loved this one!

I think I'm immune to mustard yellow carpet, though.
I had it in my bedroom growing up.

The gorgeous blue trellis wallpaper my parents had in our livingroom on the other hand...
I loved it then and I would love it now...

Do you think we will incoperate more elements from the 60's in our decoration in the future?
Do you love/hate that style?

Eg tok noen bilder fra et innredningsbok er har arvet ifra mor mi.
Eg ser en del elementer i interiør verden med røtter på 60talet.

Trur du at vi kommer til å se mer av den slags framøver?
Liker du noe av det?

I think super talented Lauren Liess from Pure Style Home
is an american designer who's having  a classic, yet modern style with this 60's touch to it.


Anonymous said...

Since I grew up with this style it sits uneasily with me too. I yearn much more for 'my grannie's Hi'lan' hame', which was what MY mother was rebelling against! I notice my children have modernist leanings...

Teri said...

Makes you wonder about all the "new" design ideas. What we laughed at a short time ago all of a sudden becomes the hot trend.

Which is why I decorate using what I love.