Tuesday, June 22, 2010

garden furniture

Every year I plan to buy some new garden funiture... and every year we find out we rather spent our money on something else ;)

That means, like so often,  I have to find a solution with what we already have. 

the old beach chair got a new cover made from a single curtain I got from a friend.

Before: Faded pale green, like our front door in the old house...




Now Mr Viking and I have a cozy place to drink our daily after dinner cup of coffee ;), if the weather allows...

not amused:

oh summer, COME!


Fjordheim said...

Så flott det ble.
Den benken og bordet ble skikkelig stilige med svart blank maling.
Jeg har også en slik gammel strandstol som jeg har lyst til å få byttet stoffet på. Men har ikke funnet noe jeg kan bruke enda.
Kos deg i sola :)

Mrs.C said...

Just going through some of your older posts, I really like your lawn furniture. What an inviting little spot to enjoy a cup of coffee! And what a cute little wee one to share your spot with!