Monday, June 7, 2010

Home & Harmony

I want to dedicate this "candlestick" to one of my current favorite blogs:

Rie is living with her family in the USA and her home is so beautiful! Check out her blog! And this lady has six small children... can you believe it?

The candlestick is a big piece of thriftwood I found here:

well, actually here somewhere:

I took it with me and climbed over here:

Finally came to my bike and got the thing home...

...and after a little make over it found a place in my livingroom:


Anonymous said...

Driftwood is my constant joy! I find such a lot on my daily walk, lug it home trying not to swipe the dog with the free end (he can get a little nervous!)

Today I plan to make another driftwood table - tables and stools are relatively straightforward, I haven't dared try a chair...

Dreamy Whites said...

What a sweet idea. I just found you via Home and Harmony. Rie's blog is a favorite of mine as well.
You have a lovely blog and beautiful home.
Take CAre,

Rie said...

I wanted to tell you how touched I am seeing your sweet candlestick. :) It made my heart happy. You are so talented, and your home is very calming and peaceful. Makes me want to visit and have a cup of tea.