Monday, August 20, 2012

soon back to blogging

We did have a great summer. Especially being on a a camping trip to the Czech Republic was a highlight, as was visiting family in southern Germany. Today school is starting again.

There have been some changes around here.
I will be back to a bit more regular blogging from now on.


Unknown said...

My english is so bad, but I will try to write you some words ;)
What a nice blogg, and I love your kitchen!
Your kids are so beatiful :)

Greethings, Ingvild-Christin

BJ said...

Ingvild-Christin, your English is wonderful! Better than my feeble attempts at other languanges.

Margita, what a beautiful living space you have. I'm drawn to and scared of all white furniture, but you have several children, and it seems to work. Do you have any tips on keeping things white?

Margitta said...

Ingvild Christin,det e lov å skrive norsk her... ;)

BJ, painted furniture is so easy to clean... usually I just use water with a little dishsoap. Washing the slipcovers is not difficult either, but they do get dirty quickly...