Friday, June 22, 2012


Last day of school today!!! Summer holiday!

My kids did really well this school year. Lina finished 1st grade.

Jon Kristian finished 4th and Samuel 5th.

Elias finished 7th grade and completed primary school.

 He is up to the biggest change as he is going to start what is called youth school after summer. We were not comfortable with sending him to the regular one, instead he will attend a private christian one, that is starting up in town this year. That will mean a much longer way, but we think it is the best choice for him, academically, socially and spiritually wise.

Another big change is that I quit my job at the nursing home. While I enjoy working there, it will be such a relief being 100% mommy again. I have just some a few days left over!


Fiona said...

Wow an exciting time for your family! Hope you all enjoy the summer as a family together, especially after you leave your nursing home job! Hope your son has a great year ahead at his new school.
Here in Australia my second daughter has just finished her first six months of high school and we have a two-week winter holiday, a nice break in the middle of the year.
Lovely photos of your children.

Rie said...

Have a great summer! Your kids are beautiful.

Simple Home said...

I hope you and your family are enjoying your summer. Post lots of photos when you get a chance :)

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

Summer is flying by!! Hope you are making lots of special memories with your family. I look forward to see and hearing what you've been up to. Missing your posts....