Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I feel it's a long time I shared some pics of my livingroom, but it has been looking the same for many months now... (even the decor has been the same)... until some days ago. I suddently became restless :).

For me there's no cheaper or quicker way to give a room a new and fresh feeling but to move the furniture around a bit...

I love the intimicy of having the two sofas close together without a coffe table.
It works well for our family, but not so much for hosting bible study groups, etc... so I doubt I'll keep it very long.  But with the woodstove just on the other side it's very cozy as long as we lit a fire in the evenings (or all day, when it's really cold). 

This table is rarly used for eating, but very often for homework, playing games, drawing... I like to have an extra table in the livingroom.

The piano wall is still nearly the same.

As I type this I have my girl snuggling up to me, one of the boys is sitting across on the other sofa, reading... and three boys are outside. One just informed me there was a diaper to change...


Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

Lovely! A couple of photos reminded me of The Nester's home. Kindred spirits maybe?

Margitta said...

Thanks. I love The Nester... she's a great inspiration!

daniellaprice30 said...

Your living room is so relaxing because of the white paint and curtains. I love the vintage fireplace too! If you need a Long Island chimney cleaning service, I know one company that could help you out.